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Welcome to SebsWebs. I'm Sebastian, and it looks like you stumbled upon my webpage. I enjoy a variety of things, but my true passions are software development and information technology. I love tinkering with hardware, dabbling in software, playing with the web, and taking care of my plants. This website is a creative work. If you've come here looking for the dry and technical stuff, you can find a link to a more formal resume below.

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Joseph Sebastian Ruiz


College Of The Canyons, Valencia CA

Comp Sci May 2010



Full Stack .Net Developer July 2017 - Ongoing

I currently work as the primary developer at the RapidVisa Inc. headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. RapidVisa is a top Inc. 5000 company and currently the #9 company in Nevada. Observing Ben Ives manage his company and being keenly aware that he was the sole developer for his product for many years; Has inspired my growth as a developer and continued interest in my own personal projects. Prior to working here I had no experience with the Web Forms framework. My experience was primarily focused on .Net MVC, Web API, Angular, SQL and a peppered variety of CSS frameworks on the front end. I had to hit the ground running on our product and as the only software developer in our office, the challenge was excellent. Sink or swim situations tend to push my learning to the greatest extent and capacities. Working as a developer your learning and knowledge is your greatest asset. Win, win. In my immediate future, I will be working on a new "something" using Microsoft .Net Core MVC 2.0 combined with the latest version of Angular5 (note to self drop Javascript and do everything in Typescript). I look forward to the challenge.

Stay tuned for a product drop in 2018 while I continue to work on my game engine with intent on releasing an Android and IOS side scroller. A dream of mine that goes as far back as I can remember. Oh and check out my blog that co-founded with a colleague of mine, (and a talented up and coming developer) Adriana Cervantes at CodingWithoutCollege

Rework Work

Full Stack .Net Developer Feb 2017 - July 2017

I was eager to switch career focus to a full time developer. It was well over a year since I had left ESTsoft. During my break from the traditional nine to five-I spent my time developing software relentlessly. My efforts were nonstop and grueling, far more rigorous than a traditional job. If I were to resume employment as a dedicated engineer, I would have to showcase years of front end skills developed at ESTsoft along with my recently aquired fullstack experience from school and independent freelance work. Everything came together when I was presented with a unique opportunity at Rework Work. There, I filled the position of a fullstack developer on a team of ten individuals. The owner of Rework had secured capital to push an interesting product. An Inside Connection is a professional social media networking website with an emphasis on career placement, spearheaded by Stacey Gordon. The primary goal of the software is to obfuscate an individual from potential hiring prejudice by presenting their qualifications through professional reference. Talent seeking employers do not see statistics such as age, sex, race, or education and are only exposed to references whom are required to vouch for an individual in order to qualify them for an interview. I was stoked to be working on a project that could potentially turn job recruiting upside down. Tech hiring is in desperate need of restructure, that we can all agree on. With limited funding, a tight schedule, stakes in equity, and 10 developers packed into a two hundred square foot room we worked night and day. Rapid development was essential in delivering an MVP. We deployed a large scale full feature application in just under five months. All the code was written from scratch and we pivoted on more than one occasion. I have to say, working on An Inside connection was an incredibly rewarding experience. I've never had so much fun working with a group of people and this was my first experience working in a shop fully dedicated to software development with no other functions.

ESTsoft Inc.

Localization Manager May 2011 - 2016

When I started working at ESTsoft, there were only five employees at the time. In a small software publishing environment, you have to maintain a dynamic poise in order to successfully fill the many required roles of a fully staffed and functional office. All without actually being at a fully staffed and functional office. I found myself working in a variety of positions, most of them ad hoc and summoned on the whim of neccesity. This gave me many opportunities to explore different career faucets; Pc technician, software QA tester, web developer, designer, event planer, marketing coordinator, business to business, you name it. All the while and early throughout my career, I urged ESTsoft towards publishing their software in South America with the intent of targeting an untapped Spanish speaking player base. When I finally got the green light to proceed with my ambitions, I immediately began the localization of CABAL Online. The game quickly became a hit in South America. ESTsoft began to hire on translation staff to publish the game in multiple languages, and countries all about the globe. I spent my final three years at working as the localization manager, ensuring the localization of multiple products, training localization staff, and producing livestream content on TwitchTV as the lead role in a series of live videos. My magnum opus in the world of software localization was the complete localization of a brand new triple A MMO title-CABAL 2, a massive project that took the better part of an entire year. My localization activities would have me applying the technical software development skills I studied during colleg breathing new life and interest back into a field that I had wanted to follow since I was a child. This renewed interest would fuel me late into the night where countless hours were spent brushing up on programming fundamentals and new software design principals. This page was actually created during that time, it was a crude shell and design from what it is now. I left ESTsoft with many achievements and a new found love for .Net software development.


  • Project Management
  • Microsoft Suite / Google Drive
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Computer Hardware
  • Full Stack .Net Development

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